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My name is Mike.

And I’m a diabetic…

Type 2 Diabetic to be exact.

I was diagnosed a Type 2 Diabetic 5 years ago from a medical screening test that came with a job offer.

Gulp! My fasting blood sugar was already 3x above normal!

Yes. I lost that job offer. Bummer.’s not the job offer i’d lost…


First time I failed a medical test. Felt like total failure…

Anyways, that was 5 years ago. is where I’m going to share my type 2 diabetes journey.

Diabetes is actually a very dry subject.


Google and you’ll see more professor-like scientific sp&**&9873e##@ that will put you to sleep faster high blood sugar from a doughnut. Hey, but don’t reach for that doughnut ok!


Living with Type 2 Diabetes has been an interesting journey. I’ve seen the ups, downs, sideways…yeah pretty much like a roller coaster ride.


Aside from the physical stuff like pricking your fingers and going to the toilet every 20 minutes , we have to deal with emotions, anxieties and fears that most people will not endure in their lifetime.


Getting through diabetes to me is very much like playing in the NBA, it’s really like a team sport. is where I will share my diabetes journey because I believe nobody should really do this alone!


So get comfy , get a drink and feel free to share with your friends and family about


I’ll be sharing lots of tips on how to make the best out of your diabetes and how to feel a whole-lot-better doing a few simple stuff in my newsletter here. There’s also a free guide you can download.


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