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Welcome to Live To Diabetes Free Now

Welcome welcome!

Truly apologise for the long awaited first post.

This is personal rambling corner that I like to pen down my type 2 diabetes experience. I’ve always wanted to write about the experience from day 1…5 years ago…

Procrastination got the better of me…anyways…it ain’t too late to start one now.

Here I’ll be sharing a lot of information and real experiences I’ve gone through with the condition and also stuff from family, friends and acquantainces whom have shared with me their journey.

Also, from time to time I’ll be sending some stuff through the email and usually it’s some very cool news or a program that’s really great.

So please leave your email and name here and you will be getting the latest info on type 2 diabetes and any funny cat videos I come across -lol 🙂

 Bookmark this page and keep coming here time to time…i’ll be posting some jewels for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetics and how to deal with it immediately!



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